June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Clemson Engagement Photos - Alexandra and Jeremy

Happy Wedding Wednesday ladies! Today we have the cutest, most fun Clemson-themed engagement photos to share with you.

Meet Alexandra and Jeremy. Both are Clemson alums - Alexandra a 2010 Nursing grad and Jeremy a 2010 Business Management grad. Both were also active in Clemson Athletics - Jeremy played football for Clemson and Alexandra was on the swim team.

Since the two are major Clemson fans (of course!), they decided to have some fun with their engagement pictures - the result turned out so cute! We love that Alexandra wore a Clemson jersey (one of his jerseys!) - so cute paired with jeans and boots.

Alexandra and Jeremy met at a mutual friend's party in Clemson their senior year and started hanging out as friends. The friendship continued to grow and soon turned into a relationship and the greatest friendship Alexandra could have ever asked for.

Now the two live in Tampa and are active in the Tampa Clemson Alumni Association.

They even had a Clemson alum, Michael Costa, as their engagement photographer.

The Proposal
The two got engaged while in New Orleans for another awesome Clemson wedding. Jeremy had planned a fancy dinner on Bourbon Street where he proposed. Alexandra says he was so nervous and that "it was too cute!". After Alexandra said "YES!", they got to go out and celebrate with all of their friends.

Here is Jeremy's version of the proposal from the couple's wedding website: “I started to get a mild case of the shakes that got progressively worse, beads of sweat dripped down my face, and I noticed I began to stutter very badly. Let me put this in perspective for you, I played Division I football in stadiums with close to 80,000 people packed in them… but I’ve never been more nervous and intimated than in that very moment. Before I realized it I was on a knee with the ring in my hand. I must have went over what I would say to her at least 20 times in my head, but in that moment the words that came out of my mouth will always be a mystery. I don’t know what I said or if I even said anything but what I do know is this…she said YES and now I’m happier than I have ever been!!
So cute!

The Wedding
The wedding will be in Clemson, September 1 of this year. Alexandra says, "Don't worry, the football game will be on during the reception!". And to continue the Clemson-theme, the wedding colors will be orange and purple!

He's wearing HER swim cap.... she's wearing HIS helmet. Lol! Cute!
Thanks so much to Alexandra and Jeremy for sharing their Clemson-themed engagement photos and their super sweet love story with us today. These two are such a cute couple (I'm pretty sure I've said 'cute' a hundred times in this post) and we wish them all the best with their wedding and marriage!


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