January 24, 2012

Vintage Clemson - a look into the past

Clemson Girl reader and 2007 Clemson alum Natalie Vereen-Davis emailed us and wanted to share a glimpse into a 1963 Clemson.

Natalie and her Uncle (Class of '64 and '66--B.S. and M.S.) were looking through his old photos when they stumbled upon these three photos of Death Valley in Clemson from October 1963.

It's amazing to look back and see how things have really changed... and... to see how things really haven't changed.

Check them out below. You can also see these photos and read more on Natalie's own blog.

Do you have any historic photos from Clemson's past you'd like to share? Email us at clemsongirlblog@gmail.com.



Karrie Slice said...

This is really neat!! Thanks for sharing!!

Natalie said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing my pics! :)

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