September 12, 2011

Clemson vs. Wofford game recap

KatiePower2CLEMSON- The Clemson defense needs to get better. They can and they will. No worries.

Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele isn’t happy with how the Tigers defense is tackling, but he’s not one to worry.

“I’m not a guy that worries. You take a problem and you fix it,” Steele said.” I’m not a worrier. When I think of a worrier a think about a guy wringing their hands saying, ‘Oh, my Lord.’ You go work and you fix it. Done it before. Can. Will. We are fast enough and we are athletic enough to be good tacklers. We are going to be good tacklers. Not worried at all. We will get it fixed.”

Clemson faced a Wofford offense that is Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Auburn all rolled into one and they gained big chunks of yards and even scored a couple of touchdowns off of missed tackles.

On Wofford’s opening drive, quarterback Mitch Allen ran for a 27-yard touchdown making two tacklers miss.

Clemson and Wofford would go into the half tied. On Wofford’s first possession of the third quarter Allen hit wide receiver Brenton Bersin for a 14-yard pass that turned into a 59-yard gain after he bounced off of a tackle.

The lack of execution could be due to a lack of experience, but Steele doesn’t use that as an excuse.

“They [the freshmen] will learn that the stove is hot,” Steele said.” In the meantime, we have to make sure that we don’t let our team suffer. We’ve had some really good leadership from the older guys. They were really good a couple of times today when we had a bunch of young guys out there and they [Wofford] moved the ball a little bit, the older guys went out there and put the fire out and then got on those younger guys rear ends. That’s going to help us grow.”

And, don’t think for one minute that the players are satisfied with their performance. Defensive tackle Rennie Moore is downright frustrated.

“I’m a little frustrated,” Moore said. “I’m a little ticked off; I’m not going to lie. That’s a lot of points put up on my defense. I’m a defensive man. I wanted a goose egg. They put that on the back burner, so we just had to come take the game and win it.”

Post by sports blogger, Nikki Steele.


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