August 1, 2011

Misc. Monday - Reader Submissions

Can you believe it's already August? I am already ready for the Fall -- I'm tired of this sweltering heat, and I'm ready for cool temperatures and Clemson football.

Today we wanted to share some photos sent to us by two of our lovely readers -- one of the things we love most about this blog is hearing from YOU, the readers, and seeing the fun Clemson photos you have to share.

Jena Baird will be senior at Clemson this year, and she has been going to Clemson football games since she was 4 weeks, needless to say, she LOVES Clemson.

Jena and her cute boyfriend tailgating at a Clemson game.
She is super crafty and creative, as you can see from her blog, and recently started painting wooden signs -- which of course turned into Clemson signs! Love this!

Thanks Jena for sharing!

Another reader who often shares photos with us on Twitter is Rebekah, who goes by @clemsonrebekah on Twitter. She recently shared a few photos with us, including this cute photo of her cat who was lovin' on her new Clemson Girl t-shirt.

And Friday she tweeted us this photo of the perfect Clemson running outfit she plans on sporting while training for a mini-marathon. First of all...we love those shorts! Rebekah where are they from?? Second, major kudos and props to Rebekah for doing a mini-marathon! Wish I had that motivation. :)

Thanks Rebekah for sharing your photos with us!

Do you have a fun Clemson-themed photo you'd like to share with us and possibly with our readers? Email us at

Have a fabulous week ladies! :)



clemsonrebekah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clemsonrebekah said...

i got the shorts from Dicks. they had three or four different pairs of orange running shorts. these are nike.

SDFSDF said...

thanks for posting! GO TIGERS!

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