August 15, 2011

Clemson Gameday Fall Staple

Take a break from the 90+ degree weather and let's think about cool breezes and Fall (a.k.a. football) weather!

Disclaimer: I was anti-jegging for as long as I can remember when the trend first hit stores...but last Fall, after actually trying a pair on, I never looked back.

Leggings that look like pants sounds like a really silly idea, but they are more comfortable than you can imagine, fit great (sometimes you need to size up to get the right fit!), and are super stylish paired in the Fall with tunic sweaters and knee high boots!

Anthropologie** just posted these cute chord-style leggings in a dark orange. These will be a must-have on my Clemson gameday fashion wish list - perfect with a chunky, white sweater and knee high brown boots!

Pilcro Cord Leggings - Anthropologie, $88
**Through September 30th, Anthropologie is offering FREE shipping and FREE returns for online orders!

What do you think? Have you tried 'jeggings' yet?



_emily_rose said...

Jeggings make me nervous, but my sister swears by them. Maybe I'll have to break down and try some on soon.

Natalie said...

I JUST bought my first pair of jeggings about three weeks ago--my life has completely been changed! I love these cute orange ones: they make me wish that Fall (and Clemson football) would hurry up and get here!

Tiff said...

I used to be anti-jegging as well, but the idea is growing on me. These might change my mind though - they look cute!

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