May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Clemson engagement photos - Catherine & Mark

We love engagement photo shoots in Clemson - the campus is perfect for capturing some amazing shots, and no photographer can do it better than Jacob Dean Photography -- we LOVE their work.

Meet Catherine and Mark...

The couple are both Clemson grads...Mark graduated in 2008 with a degree in Microbiology, and Catherine graduated in 2010 with a degree in Applied Economics and Statistics.

Catherine and Mark met at Clemson bar Overtime during a fraternity/sorority Halloween Mixer. Mark called three days later to ask Catherine out for dinner. He claimed that it was "his birthday" and that his Mom always sent him money for a nice dinner. Catherine was skeptical, but it turned out it actually was his birthday. Nonetheless, it was a good line. ;)

The Proposal - told from Mark's perspecitve:
So we had talked about marriage many times. Whenever we did we always talked about waiting until Catherine moved closer to me, and we could spend more time together after two years of long distance. Well, after the first week of being together again, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait too long before asking Catherine to marry me.

Well I knew I wanted to propose to Catherine somewhere special, somewhere we’d always remember, and always be around. Without much debate, Surf (my parents vacation house in Florida) rose to the top of the list. I bought the ring and took Catherine to Surf during Labor Day break. To make things even more special, we had a bunch of my family down for the long weekend. So my plan was to take Catherine on the dock after dinner for some time for just the two of us.

So in order to get some alone time on the dock I had to tell my family what was going on. I let everyone know the plan, except Aunt Sally. Honestly I couldn’t trust her not to be teeming with excitement throughout dinner. Luckily for me, Catherine helped Mom cook dinner which gave me a perfect opportunity to put a bottle of champagne in a cooler on the dock.

After dinner Catherine and I “snuck off” to the dock for a little time to ourselves and to watch the sunset. We had a few minutes to talk about what a great day it was and how much we enjoyed being with family. Catherine and I had a typical conversation that goes something like this:

Mark: “I love you”
Catherine: “I love you more”
M: “I’ll love you forever”
C: “Prove it”

To which I responded this time, “I’m tired of you saying that”. I stood up, pulled the ring out of my pocket and got on one knee. She was more than slightly surprised, but without any hesitation she said yes.
Clemson plays an important role in the couple's lives...they told us they will always be lifelong Clemson fans because Clemson is their home away from home. They started dating during Catherine's sophomore year. Mark graduated that year and went on to medical school. During Catherine's final two years at Clemson they made the long distance relationship work. In retrospect, the couple treasures those two years. Mark had a excuse to put the books away for a weekend to come visit Catherine, and Catherine didn't have to be around as he studied all day. The couple has since moved closer to each other, but they take every opportunity they get to go back to Clemson.

Catherine and Mark are getting married July 9, 2010. The rehearsal dinner is going to be all about Clemson. Tiger Lilies will be on each of the tables to celebrate the Clemson mascot. They also have a "secret grooms cake" that will really be something special to commemorate Clemson -- and the couple has promised us they will email us a photo so we can share it on the blog! They also can guarantee that the famous "Tiger Rag" will be played multiple times during the reception and rehearsal dinner.

How amazing are these photos of Catherine and Mark? And how sweet is their story? Special thanks to the happy couple for sharing their story with us. We can't wait to hear about their wedding and see photos.

And a very big thank you to our awesome sponsors Jacob Dean Photography for sending us these photos to share with you today. Jacob Dean is an amazing photographer in the upstate. You MUST visit their portfolio on their website and see more of their photos...beautiful. We can't wait to share more of their Clemson engagement shoots and weddings with you for future Wedding Wednesdays posts.

Do you have a Clemson-themed wedding, engagement shoot, Clemson wedding ideas, etc. you would like to share on our blog? Please email us -->

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Happy Wednesday!


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