March 30, 2011

The life of a Clemson baseball bat girl...

Today's post is guest written by Clemson sophomore Hannah Burleson, who is one of five Clemson girls helping out the Clemson baseball team as a bat girl. Continue reading to get insight into what it's like to be a bat girl at Clemson...

The Life of a Bat girl - written by: Hannah Burleson

Being an avid baseball fan and lifelong softball player, I couldn’t pass up the amazing chance to interview for a position as a Clemson bat girl. Unfortunately, Clemson doesn’t have a softball team, so this was the closest chance I would have to still being close to the game, besides sitting in the outfield stands with the rest of the Clemson student body. With over 75 girls showing up for interviews and only 5 spots available, I wasn’t optimistic, but I was confident that my knowledge of the sport would automatically move me in front of some other girls who may have been there for the wrong reason. I mean, can you blame them? Have you seen boys in baseball pants before? :) I was pleased when the interview questions were strictly baseball related! Luckily, I knew all the answers and felt the interview was successful. Later in the day, I found out I was one of the 5 selected!
The season started February 18th and I have loved every minute of it! The job is relatively easy and tons of fun. We are responsible for getting foul balls that stay in play, picking up the bats near the plate after a player’s at bat is over, and taking the umpires more balls and water. The whole game we sit at the very edge of each dug out, right near the on deck circle. I never realized what I was missing out on until I traded in my outfield student seat for an amazing view from the dugout. Not only is the view of the game amazing, but it’s awesome to hear the banter and encouragement amongst the players and see their emotions change at different points of the game. It’s really cool to see the camaraderie and how close the guys are. Hearing their nicknames and the stories behind them are pretty hilarious too. :) I actually get to see them as people and not just jock-y athletes, which I love. We are allowed to interact with the players a little, but we usually don’t talk to them during the game. As the season has progressed, most of the bat girls have learned their names, positions, hometowns, majors etc and vice versa. However, bat girls are NOT allowed to date the players, which I think a lot of people don’t know.

The guys are all very nice and fun to be around. Many games after working some innings in the visitor’s dugout I gain a greater appreciation for the kindness and gratitude of our players. They all appreciate our time, hard work, and dedication, as we are NOT paid to be bat girls. Our work is strictly volunteer and a big commitment for us. There are 10 girls and only about 4-6 needed each game, so we all signed up for games we knew we could work around our school schedules, going home, etc. I work as many as I can because I love doing it. Also, it’s been so awesome meeting other girls who share the same appreciation for the game as I do. We all get along great and have a lot of fun together.

I’m so pleased with my decision to be a bat girl and grateful for the opportunity. Even after only a month, I can’t imagine my life without me being at Doug Kingsmore Stadium a few times a week! We always have amazing, supportive crowds. Jack Leggett is one of the sweetest guys I know, and thanks us every game for coming out to help. There aren’t many feelings like the one I get at a baseball field! It’s easy for me to relax and let go at the game, which is great for me. I recommend being a bat girl to anyone who is serious about the job, knowledgeable about baseball, and is in it for the right reasons! It really is a blast. :)


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