November 28, 2010

11.27.10 - Clemson vs. USC gameday photos

Well, I'll be honest...I wasn't too disappointed after Saturday's loss because I went into the game knowing we were probably the underdog in this match up. But when Clemson scored on the first drive, my hopes got up - I envisioned us pulling out a win and upsetting USC.

And then....we didn't score the rest of the game, while USC continued to. Sigh. Final Score: Clemson 7, USC 29. We stayed until the end though and watched Tajh Boyd play the fourth quarter - it was great to see him in the game getting some good experience.

Despite the loss, it was still a fun day of tailgating with friends and family in the cool weather.

I can't believe football season is already over - did it fly by this year for anyone else?

Next up is a bowl game - not sure where yet, but I keep hearing Charlotte.

We were able to capture some photos during the game, and one of our readers, Kathy Smoley, took photos for us during the game and around campus. She did an amazing job and took some great photos! Thank you so much Kathy!

You can view all of our photos on our Flickr site. If you have any gameday from yesterday's game that you would like to share, please email them to us (!


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