September 22, 2010

Design a gameday dress for Clemson Girl contest

We'd like to introduce a new ongoing contest for Clemson Girl. Recently our Clemson Girl logo got a new dress after wearing the same 'ol dress for over a year. To keep Clemson Girl's look updated and fresh, we need YOU!

We would like our Clemson Girl readers to help us create new looks for Clemson Girl. If we choose your design to feature on our logo, we will give you a $50 gift certificate to a sponsor of your choice (any of the businesses listed in the sponsors column to the right or a sponsor you've seen featured on this blog before.

Check out the entries so far to date. They are amazing! We will pick one per month from the entries. If we don't pick your design the first month, you still have a chance - your entry will be valid until it's picked to win!

How to Enter:

Step 1: Click on either of the images below as a template to get you started.

Step 2: Use a paint program on your computer to design a gameday look for Clemson Girl OR print out the image and use markers, paint, etc. to design the outfit. You can add accessories like purses and jewelry, or feel free to change up Clemson Girl's hair style if you'd like. (Make sure to read the contest rules listed at the end of this post)

Step 3: Save your image as a .jpeg or a .gif OR scan your image into your computer as a .jpeg or .gif and email the file to us at

We'll continually review submissions and change our logo and feature the ones we like - we'll contact you if you win and then you can tell us which sponsor you want the $50 with! It's that easy!

The contest is ongoing - so feel free to submit as any designs as you would like! Get your kids involved - we'll take their designs too. :) We'll try to pick a new design every month (timing depends on number of submissions).

Contest Rules
- Your design cannot include a Clemson tiger paw - or any type of paw for that matter
- Make sure you include your full name in the email with your submission
- The image must be in color and be clear enough that we can use it on the site
- Your design becomes the property of Clemson Girl, and we have the right to feature it on our blog, in our logo, and on any of our other social media sites
- We will give winners $50 to spend at a Clemson Girl sponsor of their choice, either in the form of a gift certificate or a credit
- You can submit as many designs as you like, but you can only win up to 3 times (we've got to give other folks a chance)

So what are you waiting for!! Start those designs - we can't wait to see how creative you are!

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or need help emailing your submission.


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