September 5, 2010

Clemson Gameday Photos - Clemson vs. North Texas

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted. The weather was very nice Saturday - especially in the shade, but I still thought it was very hot in the stadium. I loved seeing all of the great gameday dresses and outfits - Clemson Girls were dressed so classy and cute as usual!

Check out all the photos we captured to see the Clemson tailgates, Clemson gameday outfits, and game photos inside Death Valley. And we got some great gameday photos submitted by some of our lovely readers as well - thanks for sharing! If you have any photos from Saturday you'd like us to add to this album, please email them to us at

View all of the photos on our Flickr site.

We also captured some videos during the game that we'll be uploading tonight - so keep checking our YouTube page to see the great videos we got!

Clemson brought home the win with 35 points to North Texas's 10. Go Tigers!!


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