August 27, 2010

Stadium Chic Clemson shirt giveaway winners!

Wow - that was definitely one of our most popular giveaways. We loved watching the entry number grow so quickly over the past two days - and we can't blame you for the excitement because these Clemson shirts from Stadium Chic rock!

And we're even more thrilled that Stadium Chic is allowing us to award two lucky ladies in this giveaway who will each get to pick whether they want the short sleeved shirt or the tank.

It was quite a task to compile all the entries into our Excel sheet - and with bonus entries included, we had 111 total entries!

And now it's that time... drumroll please.... we randomly drew two names (well ok, Excel's random number generator did) and the winners are.....

Katie Harman from Greenville, SC
who said:
"So cute with jeans and orange jewelry!"


Ashley M. from Myrtle Beach, SC who said:
"I think it would be really cute with a white skirt and cute flip flops...a cute clemson purse would just add to the look! love it!"

Congrats ladies!! Email us to claim your prize - include your mailing address, which shirt you'd like (short sleeve or tank), and your shirt size.

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was so much fun reading all of your different style suggestions for the shirts - we have no doubt that all of you will be looking especially fabulous next weekend in your gameday outfits! We can't wait!

And finally, a special thanks to Stadium Chic for sponsoring this amazing giveaway.

If you didn't win this giveaway, don't worry! Next week, in celebration of the start of football season, we will be having a giveaway EVERY DAY, Monday through Friday! So there will be plenty of chances to win amazing Clemson stuff! Whoo hoo!

Until then...have a fantastic and fabulous weekend!


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