August 31, 2010

Giveaway Week Celebration - Teeth Whitening Trays

Good morning - it's time for another fun giveaway! And we are lucky enough to be able to choose TWO winners today!

Our amazing sponsors from Fort Hill Family Dentistry in Clemson don't want you to forget about your most important gameday outfit accessory - your smile.

That's why they want to give two lucky winners a set of five teeth whitening trays. These easy to use, disposable trays are great for whitening your teeth quickly and safely. It even strengthens your enamel and prevents cavities!

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your first name, last initial, where you're from, and then tell us what your favorite gameday accessory is.

Bonus Entry: Become a follower of Fort Hill Family Dentistry on Facebook to get an extra entry! Don't forget to mention it in your comment so we can check.

All entries must be posted by 5pm (EST) tonight.
We will randomly draw TWO winners and post the winners to the blog tonight at 6 pm (EST).

Fort Hill Family Dentistry wants all Clemson Tiger fans to have healthy, dazzling white smiles. If you live in the upstate, call them today (864-722-9050) for a convenient appointment and receive a free teeth whitening with your first visit!

Go Tigers! Only four days to go...



Anonymous said...

Peggy P. Clemson Orange toenail polish with white tiger paw on big toe nail
Ninety Six,SC

Anonymous said...

Ashley S
Peidmont SC
Clemson T-Shirt and tennis shoes with orange and purple strings!
Facebook Follower!!!

ls23clemson said...

Lindsey S.
Wilmington, NC
My favorite gameday accessory is my Esso Club coozie.

stephanie b said...

Stephanie B. Camden My favorite gameday accessory is my Clemson Polo shirt.

Anonymous said...

Kelley N from Columbia, SC. My favorite gameday accessory is my Clemson purse made by Fossil!

brittanyngibson said...

Brittany G.
Lancaster SC
Facebook follower!
My favorite accessory is my 12 month old little man in his Andre Ellington jersey!

Cristal K. said...

Cristal K.
Atlanta, GA
My favorite accessory is my ORIGINAL TIGER RAG!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily L. Charlotte, NC
Fun Clemson colored earrings!

Tania said...

Tania F. from Saint Stephen, SC, my favorite game day accessory is any one of my million Clemson t-shirts!! I'm also a Fort Hill Family Dentistry FB fan!

Anonymous said...

Brenda C.
Central, SC

My favorite gameday accessory is my orange and white or my purple pearl necklaces from Sassy's!! Every Southern girl needs her pearls.

Facebook follower of Fort Hill!

Anonymous said...

Karen H.
Hartsville, SC

White shades w/orange tiger paw to match my white teeth!!!

Miss CJAC said...

Caroline C.
Pawleys Island
My favorite gameday accessory is my TigerRag!! :)

I'm also a Facebook Follower!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

April V
from Clemson, SC
& my fave game-day
accessory is my orange
bead necklace! :)

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

FB fan of FHFD! :)

Andrea said...

Andrea G Seneca,XC

A favorite game day accessory of mine would be my silver necklace and pendant with a orange Tiger Paw imprint!

Andrea said...

Also Facebook follower!

Anonymous said...

Jenna P.
Seneca, SC

aprwade said...

April W.
Tigerprint Sunglasses
Greenville, SC

Mary S. said...

I was just looking at some tooth whitening products today! This would be a neat prize.

My favorite "accessory" is my adorable 1 year old daughter who I get to dress up in orange and purple outfits!

Mary S., Savannah GA

heather sa said...

Heather S Greenville SC - My favorite accessories are my twin girls dressed up in their Clemson outfits to match mommy.

Anonymous said...

Alicia A. this year it will be an orange poncho and umbrella!
Greenwood, SC

Anonymous said...

Julianne W.
Greenville SC
Clemson Coozie!!

Caroline W. said...

Caroline W.
Honea Path, SC

My favorite accessories to pair with my sundress and wayfarers are: my orange and purple polka dot coozie and all my beautiful friends and family's smiling faces at the tailgate :)

Melissa Healy said...

Melissa H. Mount Pleasant, SC

Orange purse with purple Palmetto tree :) Go Tigers!!!

Anonymous said...

Krystal P. - Taylors, S.C. My favorite accessory is my orange tiger paw earrings. I am now a fan of Fort Hill Family Dentistry. :)

Anonymous said...

Krystal P. - Taylors, S.C. My favorite accessory is my orange tiger paw earrings. I am now a fan of Fort Hill Family Dentistry. :)

Jennifer said...

Jennifer C.
Walhalla, SC

This year, my favorite gameday accessory is going to be my 9 month old little boy. I am so excited to dress him in orange and introduce him to Clemson football!

DDW said...

Diana W, Florence, SC and I was just thinking this morning how I was disapointed that it will probably be too hot for me to wear my favorite orange scarf to the game Saturday! I have been following Fort Hill Family Dentistry on facebook since they opened and did their last giveaway with you.

Karen Tripp said...

Karen T. Powdersville, SC
My favorite gameday accessory is a big orange handbag.

I'm a Facebook Follower.

MK said...

Melissa K of Charleston, SC:
Well last year my favorite accessory on gameday was a RAIN JACKET! I'm really hoping that that will change this year. :)

Also a FB follower.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Brittany D. And I am from Mount Croghan SC and my favorite item to have with me on game day is a cooler!

Anonymous said...

Krissy W.
Clemson, SC
My Favorie gameday accessories are cowboy boots and pashmina scarves with dresses (:

I am a facebook follower

Anonymous said...

Heather C.
Hampton, SC
My favorite gameday accessory would be my tiger paw tattoo I wear to every game! I am able to have it rain or shine....and I am praying for nothing but shine this year!

i cook. i clean. i watch football. said...

Kailah C.
Charlottesville, VA
My favorite game day accessory is my organe cowgirl hat that has sequins all over it! Can wear it with anything, jeans and a tee, dress, or my overalls!

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