June 2, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Part I - Quick Poll: Would this dress work as a wedding dress?

While browsing one of my fave online retailers, ModCloth.com, I stumbled across this gorgeous gown. I never thought twice of it as a wedding dress until I saw the title of the dress - the "I Do" dress. Hmmm...I could see that. A casual, fun wedding for a more contemporary bride? What do you think? It's definitely an affordable option for brides on a budget. Vote below and comment on this post to add more thoughts on the dress.

Do you have a Clemson-themed wedding idea? Email us!

Stay tuned to the blog for Wedding Wednesdays Part II today to see a gorgeous Clemson engagement photo session!



Haley Hamam said...

Saw this dress on modcloth.com yesterday and was waaaay confused as to why someone thought it could be a wedding dress. It's pretty, but in my opinion for it to be a wedding dress, it needs to be full length!

Unknown said...

I think it would make a cute bridesmaid dress... but not a bride

kerbehr said...

I think the dress is adorable and perfect for a summer, outdoor wedding. Then again, I'm not a "traditional" gal.

Anonymous said...

If you love the dress and you feel beautiful in it. It's your day girl, it's a beautiful dress. I say go for it. It is your day do what "YOU" want.

Anonymous said...

I think a wedding dress is very personal and for the right sassy bride, I think this dress is adorable!! I agree that it's more appropriate for a very formal evening wedding, but with the right wimsy thrown in here and there, I think it could be a hit!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Typo on the last comment! I agree that it is more appropriate for a less formal wedding (not a formal evening event).

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