June 30, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Part I - Emily & Eric's Clemson Love Story

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I'd like you to meet Emily and Eric. Emily is a 2007 Clemson grad with a degree in finance. Eric graduated from Clemson in 2007 with a degree in Computer Science and he's also obtained his Masters from UNC Chapel Hill in 2009.

In true Clemson love story fashion, Emily and Eric met one night the summer before their senior year while playing Capture the Flag with FCA on Clemson's campus. After the game finished, Emily found a hat by the Carillon Garden bell. So the next day Emily sent out an email to the FCA group to see if someone would claim the hat. Eric replied that it was his hat and came over to Emily's apartment to pick it up. They started talking and realized they had a lot in common. Soon after they began regularly hanging out and eventually started dating.

What a sweet story! I think they need to hold on to that hat... it brought them together.

The Proposal
Eric spent many long nights trying to think of the perfect way to surprise Emily with a Clemson proposal. He knew that a Clemson proposal would mean so much to Emily. The last weekend in March of 2008, Emily and Eric were on their way to Clemson so Emily could attend a friend's bridal shower. That night the couple went to dinner with some friends at Chili's Too on campus. After dinner, Eric's twin brother Keith suggested they all go play frisbee golf (one of Eric's fave hobbies). Emily was hesitant, but was convinced to play by all of their friends (who were in on the surprise).

The game was underway with the first throw being from Tillman Hall to the Carillon bell (where the hat was!). Eric's brother Keith threw first and purposely launched his frisbee in the wrong direction. Keith's wife then said, "We better split up!" So Eric and Emily walked over to the bell...once there, Eric proposed and Emily of course said, "YES!".

The Wedding
The couple decided to get married in Charlotte, NC since that was where they had started their post-college careers and where they would be starting their lives together. They were married on June 20th, 2009 at Providence United Methodist and had their reception at Providence County Country Club.

Emily told us, "I can remember feeling anxious and nervous right before the church doors opened... but as soon as they did and I saw Eric waiting for me, all I could feel was so incredibly happy and blessed!"

The reception was held in a large ballroom overlooking the golf course. It had a large dance floor which Emily said was perfect because they danced all night. Some of their friends had to remind the couple to eat because they kept dancing.

Emily included many DIY projects to cut down on costs. Her mom made the flower buckets that lined the aisle at the ceremony. And Emily along with her mother and godmother made all of the bridesmaids' and attendants' gifts. Emily's earrings were designed and made by Emily and her mom. And the programs were also a DIY project, made by Eric and Emily themselves.

Of course the couple included many Clemson traditions and special touches throughout their wedding. Eric played frisbee golf at Clemson (and UNC), so the groom's cake was a frisbee golf cake with the Clemson (and UNC) frisbee. Emily, of course, had a Clemson garter. And while Tiger Rag played at the reception, the couple and all of the Clemson alum guests took a traditional Clemson flag photo. Clemson will always hold a special place in this couple's hearts since that is where they met and fell in love.

Advice from the bride on planning a wedding:
"If you are on a budget, see what you can do yourself for less or get friends and family to help out - maybe someone has a great talent they can provide. Then you can spend money on the most important aspects to you. Make sure to enjoy the day to the fullest - it goes by so fast! Dance a lot, eat your reception food, and do whatever you want to do. Of course it is good to mingle around the room but don't worry about having to try to go talk to every single guest because I found that they would come to us as we were enjoying our food, the dance floor, or whatever event was going on. Finally, don't try to build a new house and plan a wedding at the same time if you can help it, it can make life very very busy!

I am so glad Emily contacted us and shared her beautiful engagement photos, wedding photos and amazing Clemson love story. I love how the couple incorporated Clemson into their wedding and made sure it was a part of their big day.

Thanks Emily & Eric! Here's to a long and happy marriage!


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