May 10, 2010

Gameday outfit inspiration - floppy sun hats

Has anyone ever worn a hat as part of your Clemson gameday outfit? I'm not talking about a baseball hat - but a straw, wide-brimmed sun hat? As summer approaches and us ladies start to go poolside or populate the beaches, we tote along our big straw hats to protect our faces from the sun.

So I wonder - why wouldn't we wear a hat to a particularly hot gameday? If you're like me and have season tickets on the side of Death Valley that NEVER gets shade no matter what time of day it is, you have the sun beating on your face the entire game - which makes it hard to enjoy the game itself. So why not wear a wide-brimmed hat to provide some much needed shade?

Guys wear their baseball hats on gamedays...can us ladies not wear hats of our own? Would they block the view of the fans behind you? Would the wide brim knockout the fans on either side of you?

I don't know...but even if you just wore it while tailgating all day, it would be worth toting it with you. And not only would it provide some sunless comfort for your face, but I think it would hide my sweaty, September gameday hair very nicely as well. :)

What do you think? Comment!

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Anonymous said...

YES!!! I wear a straw hat to all sunny Clemson football games and get many compliments on it!

Anonymous said...

i tried that dress on today! very cute, just not for girls with any kind of boob! it made me look pregnant!

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