May 17, 2010

Bored on a Monday

Are you having the Monday afternoon lulls today like I am? Then why not distract yourself more and check out these two great blog reads from fellow Clemson Girls!

Endurance Girl
It's bathing suit season - so why not get motivated and follow our fellow Clemson Girl Christina Van Slambrook's blog Endurance Girl. She blogs about anything and everything, but mainly her quest to get fit and run her first half-marathon.
Where in Life is Kerbehr?
Check out the blog by Clemson Girl Kerri Kilbourne - Where in Life is Kerbehr? Kerri blogs frequently about lots of different topics - Clemson included - with a focus on social media. I love her perspective, and I love her Follow Friday posts which feature interesting people to follow on Twitter.

Enjoy your new reads. If you're a blog follower like I am, add these blogs to your follow list and support your fellow web savvy Clemson Girls!

Happy Monday!

Do you have a blog or know of a blog you'd like to share with all the Clemson Girls? Email us!


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