April 20, 2010

Orange you glad for Land's End new Canvas collection??

Yesterday I navigated over to one of my favorite blog reads by fellow Clemson alum Buckhead Belle, and she posted about Land's End newest, affordable line called Land's End Canvas.

I've never really shopped at Land's End. I used to get oversized sweaters from there for Christmas from relatives, but I never thought they would have anything that would interest me.

Well, with this new Canvas collection...I was wrong. About $250 wrong. Yup, that's what I spent yesterday after visiting the site (I think they owe Buckhead Belle some money for that).

But how could I not have dropped that kind of money when they carry some really great clothes, bags, and even shoes that are available in Clemson orange!

Obviously I can't share them all in this blog post because there are so many great Clemson gameday options - but I'll post a few photos of my favorites (and some of what I bought) to get your interest peaked - but make sure you visit the site and browse. They have really great clothes for realistic prices. I can't wait to get my order in the mail!

P.S. They have some great swimsuits too!

Check out these great bags!!

Love these orange belts - one in suede and one in a canvas weave. And this scarf was one of the items that made it in my order! I love it!

And they even have orange jewelry!

Just when you think your wallet is in deep trouble with all the great women's apparel, check out the men's! If you have a significant other who's a Clemson fan as much as you are - I think you may have several options for their next birthday gift. And if you don't have a significant other..check out the men's collection anyways - the models aren't too shabby to spend a few minutes checking out. :)

It's hard to believe this isn't everything, right? I wanted to buy more, but had to restrain myself... Let's just say my original cart list was pretty long...and the total price tag was ridiculous. It was hard to cut my list down to what I ended up ordering...I think what I left off will make it to my birthday wish list.

What do you think? Do you love this new Land's End Canvas line as much as I do?


1 comment :

Buckhead Belle said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)

I am loving all the cute orange stuff at Land's End canvas... Go Tigers!

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