February 10, 2010

Game Day Divas' Valentine's Day Giveaway Winner

On Monday we posted a special giveaway in honor of Valentine's Day, sponsored by the Game Day Divas. We asked readers to share their stories of how they met their true love. The winner receives this gorgeous orange rhinestone heart necklace.

After 28 true love story entries, we held a random drawing and the winner of the Game Day Divas heart necklace is....


Here is her story of how she met her true love... at Clemson!

I met my husband of 25 years my first night in Clemson. He was a Jr and knew some of my upperclassman suite mates and we ran into him in front of Tigertown. We began dating a month later and have been together ever since. He proposed the day I graduated from Clemson.

Congrats Miriam! Email us at clemsongirlblog@gmail.com to claim your necklace!

Special thanks to everyone who shared their true love story for the contest - please take time to read all of the entries if you haven't already... the stories are great!

And special thanks to the Game Day Divas for sponsoring this fun Valentine's Day contest!


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