January 5, 2010

Brrr! Time to pull out the Clemson Snuggie!

Yes, we all laugh at the Snuggie commercials and make fun - saying who would really buy one of those things. It's just a backwards robe afterall. "Why are these silly things so popular?" we ask ourselves.

Well... as the temperatures keep dropping this week, a Snuggie is actually sounding like a pretty good idea.

Taken at Clemson vs. Wake Forest game, outside of stadium.

I think it may be time to invest in a Clemson Snuggie. A lot of people have asked where you can buy a Clemson Snuggie. If you live in Clemson or the surrounding areas, your best bet is pretty much any Clemson store downtown... as well as Bi-Lo, Walgreens, Kohls, Belks, and Hibbets Sports.

However, if you don't live locally in Clemson, your best bet is to get a Clemson Snuggie online.

The cheapest Clemson Snuggie (like the one pictured earlier in this post) is from the official collegiate Snuggie Web site. They are about $19.95 plus $7.95 in shipping. And the more you buy, the cheaper they are per Snuggie. So you might as well stock up for your entire family. :)

The Clemson Bookstore also sells them online - but they are a little pricier at $24.98 a piece. However, I'm not sure what the shipping is - it might be cheaper.

I also found another design that I like better for the Clemson Snuggie - this one you can buy on Amazon.com for about $22.46.

So Clemson Girls... time to fess up...

Do you own a Snuggie? A Clemson Snuggie?

Post a comment on the blog - where did you buy it? have you worn it in public? Any good Snuggie stories to share?



Alison0307 said...

I went to the official Snuggie site and when you go to order them they do not have Clemson as a choice!!! what?????!!!!

Kelly said...

They do have Clemson as a choice on the official snuggie website, only it's is sold out and has been for over a month. So it doesn't light up when you go over it with your mouse like the others, but the little pic from the side says sold out on it.

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