November 26, 2009

Visit the Game Day Divas’ “Tent Divided” this weekend in Columbia

For those of you headed to Columbia this weekend for the Clemson vs. USC game, make sure you visit the Biscuit House across from Gate 9 – the Game Day Divas will have a “tent divided” set up (starting as early as 8 a.m.). The ladies will be celebrating the traditional rivalry by selling all of their Clemson apparel, handbags, jewelry, etc. AND selling all of their USC products - at amazing sale prices. Look for a big “house divided” flag flying above their tent.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this blog, chances are you aren’t going to be buying any USC items…however, some of us live in houses divided or have family or friends who haven’t wised up and still root for that ‘other’ team. :) Christmas is just around the corner, and the Game Day Divas have great stuff – so pick up some cute Clemson gameday apparel for yourself and some gifts for your USC friends…all in one place.

Time to Bundle Up

The Game Day Divas have gotten some great new scarfs and gloves that would be perfect for this weekend’s game (or Tampa if you’re going). How unique is the purple scarf with the buttons and matching gloves?

Or wrap up in the stands in this gorgeous pashmina from Game Day Divas… I think I might need to get this as a Christmas gift for myself. :)

And like I mentioned before, they have some gamecock items as well for the chicken fans.

Not making it to the game this weekend? Don’t worry.. the Game Day Divas still want you to get their products at great prices. You can shop the Game Day Divas Web site online and get 20% off of your purchase by using coupon code QCC. Whoo hoo.. thanks Game Day Divas!



Sally said...

I love those gloves!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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