October 2, 2009

Caroline's Tiger Pause: Clemson vs. Maryland - Game Analysis

I am so ready for the game Saturday Clemson Girls! Without a doubt the TCU game was disappointing, but it did nothing to derail our goals this season. I really believe that we will not play a team better than TCU the rest of the regular season and the ACC Atlantic is still a realistic and attainable goal. I have no doubt that we are the best team in the Atlantic Division and it is time that we start to play like it. Tomorrow we face our first divisional game of the season and we should absolutely dominate the Maryland Terrapins.

Maryland is solid at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver-but their offensive line is inexperienced and struggling. They have already given up 14 sacks this season and there is no reason in the world that our defense should not feast on them tomorrow. We are clearly the better team going into tomorrow and this should be an easy game. But for whatever reason Maryland continually gives us problems. They have had a disaster start to their season but this is their first conference game. Coach Friedgen is going to have Maryland believing that this is a new start to the season, and it is. This game is in their house, and we need to show the poise and maturity of going in and winning like we should. Maryland is a defense that gives up points and this is a game where our offense needs to come together and look like they did in the second half of the Georgia Tech game. I really hope to see us utilize the tight ends more in this game. We started the TCU game with them being a major factor but their impact lessened as the game went on. While we are still looking for Jacoby's compliment at receiver we need to be passing more to Palmer and Allen. CJ Spiller should have a huge game against Maryland. He ran beautifully against TCU and their run defense is light years better than Maryland's.

This is the game where we need to show how much the culture has changed in Clemson football. We need to show the ACC Atlantic that we are here to take care of business. This is a game that Clemson should win handily. I think it is a real cause for concern if this game is close-it is a disaster if we lose it. Luckily, I am still All In with Dabo, I believe he has changed the attitude of Clemson football, and I think we dominate tomorrow. Maryland has been a constant thorn in our side under Friedgen, and it seems no matter how much better we are than them we play terribly against Maryland. He certainly does some of his best coaching against Clemson. But I think tomorrow we are ready to right this ship and start our quest for winning the Atlantic. Clemson wins big-Go Tigers!!

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Anonymous said...

I believe Dabo is a great coach for the Tigers! He seems to boost there confidence. Lets go Tigers!!!!!!!!

TigerPAWS said...

I believe Dabo is the right coach, too, but he may have to make some tough decisions about assistant coaches at the end of the season. Especially wide receivers and offensive line....

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