June 12, 2005

Submit Your Game Day Fashion, Tailgating Tips/Ideas, Etc.

So, football season is upon us, and I know that many of you will be wearing the cutest dresses or some other great outfit for Clemson home games - or for you die hard fans, away games. Once you recover from your hangover, your sun burns and funky tan lines, or just pure exhaustion after game day, I would love if you would consider submitting pictures of you and/or your friends' game day outfits!

Also feel free to pass along any tailgating recipes, tailgating ideas, crafts, etc. and I'll feature it on this blog. Send Clemson Girl all things Clemson and girlish.

To submit your game day fashion, tips, tailgating photos, etc., email me (clemsongirlblog@gmail.com):
  • Pictures of your outfit, friends' outfits, game day "don't", tailgating ideas, tailgate meal, etc.
  • Your first name(s) (last name if you're comfortable with it being shared)
  • Where you are from
  • If a Clemson alumni, your degree and year you graduated from Clemson
  • If applicable, which Clemson game, location and date the submission is from
  • Short description of the photos/recipes/ideas, etc. you send
  • If submitting game day fashion, where you purchased your outfit
  • Any additional relevant info you would like to share
I can't share every submission, but I love reading about every single one. I can't wait to see what pictures and ideas you send my way!

P.S. If you are a fan of another school and have an idea or photo you'd like to share, please feel free to submit it.
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