March 10, 2015

Oh so pretty... Anthropologie finds

I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie, and have been in this relationship for years... Anthropologie has beautiful, unique items that I wish I could make mine, but sometimes the price tag is far outside of my budget for the purchase to become a reality.

That doesn't stop me from window from time to time, and enjoying the beauty -- and sometimes I get lucky and catch something on sale, or find an item that priced just right to find it's way to my doorstep.

Here are some lovely orange and purple items I found on Anthro's site today... happy shopping... or if you're like me, window shopping! Although, I will say that gorgeous scarf is calling my name - and just might be worth that $50+ price tag.

Gazette Infinity Scarf - $58
Laranja Floppy Hat - $58
Lace-trimmed Throw - $149.95
Lisbon Knob - $8
Prismatic Throw - $59.95
Barnegat Pullover - $49.95
Plaited Tropez Watch - $99.95

And ok, maybe this last item isn't as 'gorgeous' as some of these other items... but we think any room basked in the glow of an orange light sounds like a 'bright idea'... And at only $5, what's not to love!?!

Orange Ceramic Light Bulb - $5

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