May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Cody & Drew Clemson Engagement Photos

We are so excited it's May - yes, it's officially Spring... the weather is wonderful... and the flowers are blooming... but it's also the start of our two month Wedding Wednesday post series on Clemson Girl! We love sharing amazing Clemson love stories and photos.

We are kicking Wedding Wednesday off with a gorgeous Clemson engagement photo session from amazing photographer Davey Morgan. And the couple is equally -- if not more -- gorgeous, with a super sweet love story to match.

Meet Clemson alums, Cody and Drew.

Drew was a packaging science major and Cody was a political science/psychology double major. Cody loves to tease Drew, because she graduated a semester early in December 2009, while Drew did a "victory lap" and finished in May 2010. Drew is currently getting his MBA at Clemson as well.

Cody's and Drew's love story starts at Clemson, where they both lived in the same apartment complex. They first met when Cody and her roommates had a preparty for a sorority function at their apartment. Drew and his roommates came to the preparty. Cody's original date to the sorority function ended up hanging out more with one of her roommates. So Cody decided to ask Drew if he wanted to change into the sorority function's theme -- "dazed and confused" -- and come with her instead. Since Drew's friends were already going to the function he said yes. Cody told us, "I immediately thought that he was cute!".

When the function was winding down, Drew asked if Cody wanted to go downtown with him and his friends. Cody told him no at at the time. Drew thought that Cody's "no" was because she wasn't interested in him... when in fact, it was really that Cody was underage!

The couple ended up hanging out for months after the function. Each of their groups of friends ended up turning into one large GROUP of friends -- most of who, by the way, are now in their wedding party. Cody says, "We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful and tight-knit group of friends." During Winter break of 2008, their entire group of friends ended up staying in Clemson for a week following exams. They all hung out and had fun in Clemson before going home for Christmas. That particular week, Drew and Cody hung out constantly. The two continued to talk, texting one another throughout winter break.

When they got back to Clemson for the start of Spring semester, they decided to make it official and decided to date. Drew sent Cody a bouquet of flowers with a card that said "will you be my girl?" The rest, according to Cody, is "history".

The Proposal (told from Cody's point of view)
Our proposal was on Edisto Island. Drew's family has a house on the beach, and it has been a center for our friends to get together for many years. It is a special place for us. We went down for a weekend in April 2013 with our good friends, Brandon and Megan -- they were getting married in 2 weeks and we were going down for a last relaxing weekend before their "big day." Everything was normal, even though they all knew what was happening. We cooked dinner, went to the local bar, and just hung out together.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to go on a run with our dog, Scout. Surprisingly, Drew wanted to join (I have a tendency to wake up super early and Drew tends to stay in bed...but we do like to go on runs together). I asked Drew when we were finishing up our run, if he wanted to go on a walk with me on the beach. He explained that he wanted to hang out with Megan and Brandon before they left and we could go for a walk later. When we got back from our run, Megan and Brandon were down at the beach having mimosas (our tradition at the beach). As we walked towards them, I got distracted when I noticed a kid running around chasing the birds. Unbeknownst to me, Drew was struggling with a package that Brandon placed in the sand next to a fence stake, while I met up with Megan and Brandon.

Drew walked up moments later, took my hand, and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I was confused--as moments earlier I had just asked him to go on a walk and he explained that we should go on a walk after our friends had left---so I said, "No" and we could go on a walk later. Drew then pulled my hand in his direction and said, "Let's go...". As we started to walk in the other direction, Drew got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Luckily, my friend Megan caught it all on camera!!

Cody told us that Clemson is extremely meaningful to the couple. It is the place where they met and found lifelong friends. Most of their wedding party are Clemson Alumni. Cody and Drew often refer to Clemson as the best times of their lives. They often reminisce about the summer of 2009 when most of their friends stayed in Clemson for the summer to hang out. Drew and many of his friends worked at the marina, and they would all spend nights and days on Lake Keowee. Cody told us, "Clemson is truly the best school and if it wasn't for Clemson, Drew and I would not be together!".

Cody and Drew picked Clemson for their engagement pictures because it is the place where their story began. The couple now lives in Greenville. According to Cody, "Clemson is the perfect backdrop and so meaningful to us, and we are so lucky that we live so close to Clemson now." Cody says she can't wait for football season, and it is one of the big reasons why they have planned a Spring wedding instead of in the Fall.

And in true Clemson alum tradition, Cody and Drew have lots of Clemson touches added to their wedding. They are planning on having a Clemson grooms cake, a Clemson coffee table guest book, and a spirited orange pom-pom exit. Cody added, "And of course we will be doing the cadence count!".

Special thanks to Cody and Drew for sharing their sweet, sweet Clemson love story with us to kick off our May and June Wedding Wednesday series. :) Best wishes to this beautiful couple!

And another special thanks to Davey Morgan photography for sharing these amazing photos. Please visit their website, and you can view more gorgeous Clemson engagement photo sessions and weddings on their Facebook page. Please 'Like' their page to show your appreciation for their talent.

Did you have engagement photos taken in Clemson? Was your wedding filled with Clemson traditions or decor? Are you a photographer who has amazing Clemson-themed engagement or wedding photos to share? Or are you a vendor that provides a service to the Clemson bride and groom for their big day? Please contact us to be featured in a future Wedding Wednesday post on the blog! You can email us at

Love is in the air! XOXO

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