September 19, 2013

Gameday Prediction - Clemson vs. N.C. State

It's a gameday Thursday Clemson Girls!!

Usually on gameday we have a full pregame analysis from our super smart in all things Clemson sports bloggess, Nikki Steele. But unfortunately, Nikki has been sidelined with an injury... she fractured her elbow. Ouch!

So, as you can imagine, she isn't able to type very well right now, and instead of researching tonight's Clemson opponent for her pregrame analysis, she's getting lots of rest -- and we don't blame her one bit. Get well Nikki!

She did send us an article from TigerNet to share that she felt most closely matched her insights on tonight's game:

"Clemson vs. NC State Prediction", written by TigerNet Senior Writer, David Hood

She also didn't want to leave you ladies without her weekly score prediction:

Here's hoping the Tigers match Nikki's prediction and continue to make us proud with their first game on the road.

Go Tigers!!

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