August 7, 2013

ESPN College GameDay in Clemson August 31, 2013

What has been referred to as the worst kept secret in college football so far this year, it was FINALLY confirmed that ESPN College GameDay will be in Clemson for the big Clemson vs. UGA opening game.

It's surprising that it took so long for College GameDay to return to Clemson because of the huge crowds and "loudest GameDay crowd ever" response they had from Clemson fans last time they were in Clemson in 2006 for the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game.

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Do you remember the last time College GameDay was in Clemson? Were you there?

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Just in case you were not there in 2006, or you would like to watch again, someone has posted the entire hour and a half video of College GameDay in Clemson back in 2006 on YouTube... What I love about this is how hard it is to hear the announcers because the crowd is so loud, and repeatedly throughout the broadcast the ESPN commentators mention how loud it is.

Are you planning on being part of the College GameDay crowd this year? One of our favorite parts of College GameDay is reading all of the funny signs in the background.

What ideas do you have for signs for this year's appearance? Post your comments below! Keep it clean please!

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