December 20, 2010

Clemson Gifts for Him

Let's face it... men are sometimes impossible to shop for. Here are some neat gifts we found across the Web that would make great gifts for any Clemson guy...

These vintage Clemson postcards are very cool and would be a great collector's item for any Clemson fan. Buy a few of his fave Clemson buildings and have them framed - either separately or in one frame... perfect for his office or to decorate the "man cave".

While not all men wear jewelry, I think these items would be great gifts for the guy who likes to accessorize...but in a manly way. :) A nice Clemson watch is a great gift idea, or something more unique like these beach-style Clemson paw necklaces. And I love this Clemson engraved, genuine leather bracelet we found on Etsy.

If you are shopping for a Clemson guy who likes to dress to the nines, then he will love any of these next gifts...

This handmade Clemson bow tie is too cute and reversible. This would be handsome on your Clemson man or adorable on a little Tiger fan...

And seriously...what guy wouldn't want Clemson tiger paw cuff links?? :) can't go wrong with ties as gifts for men. You can find a wide variety of different Clemson styles online - but here are a few of our favorites. I love the vintage 'C' design with the tiled paws.

You also can't go wrong with Clemson apparel as gifts - but why not get something a little different than the typical Clemson t-shirt?

Check out these Clemson scrubs pants. Srubs are no longer just for doctors and nurses...they are crazy comfortable and are great for lounging around the house or sleeping in. If he's going to be laying on the couch watching football on Saturdays anyway, you might as well give him something comfortable AND Clemson spirited to wear.

And while you're at it, throw in these comfy Clemson slippers too...

I really like this "old school" design Clemson t-shirt - it's made of high quality fabric from Nike, so it's sure to last lots of washes.

How about this nice leather Clemson wallet? I like the silver Tiger paw in the corner. It's not too big or gaudy, just a simple detail that really spruces up the wallet.

The latest car sticker craze for Clemson fans is this Clemson ring decal with your graduation year. You can buy them online from Tigertown graphics - a great stocking stuffer for any Clemson fan!

Only four and a half more days until Christmas! What did you buy the Clemson guy in your life for Christmas this year?



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