May 5, 2010

Clemson Wedding Wednesday

So with the start of May begins the unofficial start of wedding season...the time of year when your weekends begin to fill up with weddings of friends, family, co-workers, etc.

I've already been to one wedding this year with another planned in a few weeks. How many weddings are on your calendar this year?

One thing I love about weddings is seeing how Clemson couples integrate their love into their weddings. From orange bridesmaid dresses to the actual Tiger showing up at the wedding, Clemson can play a huge role in any wedding. How many times have you posed for a picture at a wedding, with all the Clemson alum guests, Clemson flag held in the front, cheering to Tiger Rag?

So in honor of wedding season, we're going to do a special Clemson Wedding Wednesdays for the remainder of this month and the month of June. Every Wednesday we will share Clemson wedding ideas, inspiration and stories/photos from actual Clemson Girl reader weddings.

Was Clemson represented at your wedding? Did you show your Clemson love in a creative way at your wedding, or do you plan to? Send us your stories, pictures, ideas, etc. for us to share in one of our Clemson Wedding Wednesdays - email us at

Meanwhile, here are some inspirations from actual reader weddings that we received last year...

A lot of couples will show their Clemson love with their cake decorations - whether it's on their wedding cake or the groom's cake.

Despite the fact that her groom was a Texas Longhorns fan, Clemson alum Adrianne Cook used a Clemson cake topper at her wedding. Don't feel bad for the groom though - he got his school's mascot on the groom's cake.

But the grooms are sometimes Clemson alums and fans too.

How about this amazing groom's cake shared with us by Clemson alum Jennifer Dickerson? A replica of Death valley!

Finally, check out the pictures from Clemson alum Jessie Garris's wedding - she was married in Clemson and carried the theme throughout her entire wedding...and the Tiger even showed up for a dance with the bride. Love it!


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Shakeeta F said...

I'm not married yet(!) but we're getting married in December during graduation weekend (which is going to be crazy busy for me)! Anyway, our colors are orange for the groomsmen and purple for bridesmaids. Also, the flowers, cake decorations, and favors will be those same colors :) The last song of the night will, of course, be Tiger Rag and if we're lucky, maybe we can get the Tiger too!

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