January 11, 2010

Make your own gameday dress...

For all you readers who know how to sew, please make a gameday dress using this fabric.... you have about seven months... ready, set, go!

Click on the image above to visit the Web site where you can buy the fabric!

UPDATE: Looks like the fabric above is on backorder..worth the wait though. I would call the company and see for how long. Until then, there are other great fabrics out there that would work just as well! Any of these would make great gameday outfits!



Kelly said...

where did you find the fabric? I have and Aunt who can sew practically anything.

Clemson Girl said...


Click on the image and it will take you to the Web site where I found it.

If you do get a dress made, send us pics to share!


Carrie T said...

I posted a photo of my graduation dress that was custom made on facebook. I could not find the perfect orange dress for graduation so I made one! I have worn it several other times as well and have gotten a ton of compliments. I need to learn to sew so I will never have to worry about the perfect Clemson dress again!

Tiffany Crosby said...

i have made a belt using this fabric i will have to post pictures!

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