November 4, 2009

McAuley’s Unique Boutique: New looks, Facebook contest, and a $100 gift certificate giveaway!!

This weekend’s game is really exciting, and it’s a night game which means two things: one.. you’re going to be tailgating all day, and two… it’s going to be COLD Saturday night while watching the game. So you’re going to need a cute, but comfortable gameday outfit this Saturday, and you’ll need a heavy coat (and scarf) to keep you warm.

Enter McAuley’s Unique Boutique to the rescue. They have gotten even more Clemson gameday looks, including orange and purple winter coats (I think these are going to sell out faster than the last orange pea coat they had). readers still get 15% off of their McAuley’s orders – in store (mention Clemson Girl) or online by using coupon code Clemson15 (cannot be combined with other offers). Shop online and you’ll get FREE shipping on orders over $100 (guaranteed 2 to 3 day delivery) – order before 3 p.m. and your order ships that day! Or, order online and swing by McAuley’s on your way into town Friday and pick it up.

Also… if you see any styles in this post you love, and it’s not online yet, you can contact McAuley’s Unique Boutique by email ,, or by phone, 864-226-7773.

McAuley’s on Facebook
Make sure you become a fan of McAuley’s Unique Boutique on Facebook – not only do they update daily on their latest styles and special deals, but you can also participate in contests to win big prizes. Right now McAuley’s Unique Boutique is holding a Facebook drawing for a $100 gift certificate to their boutique - all you have to do is post a picture of yourself wearing something from their boutique on their Facebook page. The more photos of different outfits you post, the more entries you get for the drawing! The winner will be drawn on Nov. 20th!

McAuley's is also giving away another $100 gift certificate to a lucky reader!! Scroll down to the end of this post to read more details on how to enter.

So check out the newest looks… the pictures speak for themselves! And I just want to say that McAuley’s Unique Boutique has the most awesome boots – love them all!

Winter coats and heavy sweaters – These coats are perfect for Clemson gamedays – especially for this Saturday. You can stay warm and still be wearing Clemson colors. And these sweaters look so comfy – but so casual chic with jeans and boots.

Dresses – Invest in one of these adorable dresses – pair it with tights, a scarf, and boots for this weekend… keep it in your closet, and wear it again (sans tights and scarf) for a warm gameday outfit next football season. I love the Tiger belt - just the right touch for your Clemson gameday outfit.

Everything else… How awesome is the tiger striped, brown scarf? It looks so good paired with the orange. And I think a turtleneck is a great idea for a gameday outfit at the upcoming colder games – McAuley’s Unique Boutique carries them in orange, purple, and white. And the orange bubble skirt is a great wardrobe investment because you can definitely wear it year round.

Could the top below be any more perfect for a Clemson game?!?! $100 Giveaway!!

So earlier in the post I mentioned the opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate to McAuley’s Unique Boutique by posting photos of you in a McAuley’s Unique Boutique outfit on their Facebook page. Well McAuley’s would like to treat our readers to the opportunity of winning a $100 gift certificate just by posting a comment on this post!!

Post a comment on this blog post - include your name and where you’re from, and tell us which outfit in this post is your favorite… that’s it! Tell us in your comment if you’re a fan of McAuley’s Unique Boutique’s Facebook page and we’ll give you an extra entry. Tell us in your comment if you’re a follower of this blog, and we’ll give you even another entry! That’s three easy ways to increase your chances of winning!

We will randomly draw a name out of all of the comments this Friday, Nov. 6th and announce the winner of the $100 McAuley’s gift certificate on the blog. Please make sure you come back to the blog on Friday to see if you win – you’ll have until midnight next Tuesday, Nov. 10th to email us to redeem your prize… otherwise we’ll draw another name.

Thanks McAuley’s Unique Boutique for these awesome giveaways and offers!!!



Madison Fisher said...

Madison Fisher- from Greenville, SC but a senior at Clemson University.

My favorite outfit is the brown turtle neck with the orange bubble skirt and the tiger belt with brown stockings and brown boots!

I am a fan of McAuley's Facebook Fan page, a follower of this blog, and a follower on Twitter!

SuthernStrawberry said...

Ellyn from Greenwood

I'm loving the orange sweater, brown turtleneck, tiger belt, and jeans. And omg, I want those dark knee-high brown boots!

I'm totally following you (blog & twitter) as well as a fan of McAuley on Facebook.

dmorgancu said...

Dana Carroll Morgan from Lyman, SC. I am a fan of McAuley's and I love the purple winter coat on today's post and of course a follower of your blog who doesn't know how to read directions correctly!

Laura Connell said...

Laura Connell from Clemson, SC

I love the outfit with the purple cowl dress, tiger belt and especially those awesome fringed over the knee boots!

I am a Facebook fan of yours and McAuley's and a follower of yours on Twitter!

Claire said...

Claire West-from Aynor, SC. 2003 graduate of Clemson.

My favorite outfit is the orange dress with the brown turtleneck underneath and brown boots.

I am a fan of McAuley's Facebook Fan page and a follower of this blog!

Lindsey Leonard said...

Lindsey- Liberty, SC

I love the orange pea coat, It is perfect for winter time here in Clemson and a November game!

I follow you on here, you are on my blog roll and I also follow you on twitter!

Anonymous said...

Angie from Clemson... I love both coats, do I have to pick one?? I guess the purple since it is a better color for me and I always wear an orange top.
I am a fan of your and McAuley's on FB

Jennifer said...

Jennifer- Clover, SC
I love the orange dress with the tiger striped scarf! The boots are awesome too.

I am a follower of this blog!

Lauren R. said...

Lauren from Kennesaw, Georgia. I love so many of the outfits but my favorite would have to be the purple dress with the tiger belt and boots!! Love it! I am also a fan on facebook and follow this blog! = ) said...

Susan Ford from Simpsonville,SC

I am a follower of this blog and my favorite outfit has to be the orange button sweater with the purple turtleneck, jeans, and boots!

Anonymous said...

Reynette Rhodes, Seneca, SC - I love these outfits. My favorite is the orange dress with the tiger print scarf and boots! I am a fan of McAuley's facebook fan page as well! Go Tigers!!!

The Glamorous Graduate said...

Amanda from Atlanta, GA. 2008 graduate of Clemson

I love the orange turtleneck dress. It's definitely a must for cooler games. Especially since they show that when you accessorize it with various scarves, brown boots and belts, it looks like a new gameday outfit!

I am a fan of McAuley's Facebook Fan page, and a follower of this blog,

Emily said...

Emily Rogers - Florence, SC

I love the orange sweater with the purple turtleneck, jeans and brown boots. It looks so comfy for a chilly night game!

Emily Garrett said...

Emily from Easley, SC

I love the orange coat! I've been wanting a coat like that, and its perfect because its orange!!

Anonymous said...

Monique Callaham from Spartanburg, SC.

My favorite outfit is the orange turtleneck style dress with the brown leopard print scarf, brown tights, and tan boots. I love dresses and this is a very versatile style that can be worn to games as well as for dates and just hanging out with friends on the weekend.

I am a fan of McAuley's Unique Boutique Facebook Fan Page as well.

April Grant said...

April Grant from Charlotte, NC

1993 Clemson Grad - I love the orange winter coat with the purple turtleneck. The purple coat comes in a close second!

I am a McAuley's and Clemson Girl FB fan. I also follow this blog.

Anonymous said...

brandi howard , easley , sc
My favorute outfit is the black dress with the black stockings , black boots and orange scarf.

Palmetto Teacher said...

Deanna Riddle-Asheville, NC... I love the orange turtleneck dress over the leggings. It looks so comfortable and cute! :)

I am a follower of the blog and also a fan on Facebook,too!

sarah said...

Sarah from Newberry, SC

I read Clemson girl every week! I have it saved as one of my favorites!{I love seeing all the game day outfits!} My favorite outfit is the orange cardigan with the tan turtleneck.

I am a fan of McAuley's on facebook too!

Jackie E. from Clemson said...

I love the orange sweater with the purple turtleneck with the jeans and the boots. Just my style.

I am a fan of McAuley's Facebook Fan page, and a follower of this blog.

Hannah said...

I'm Hannah from Greenville, SC, and I'm currently a Junior at Clemson University.

I am a fan of the McAuley’s Unique Boutique’s Facebook page, as well as a follower of this blog, and I follow y'all on Twitter.

My favorite outfit is

I love love love the dress and the fact that it has three quarter length sleeves (and therefore could wear it to a cooler game), but I also could wear the gorgeous scarf with so many other outfits I own. Plus, I've been wanting tan boots like these with the fraying/straps. Overall, I just want this entire outfit :)

MEK said...

Mary from Bristol,TN

I'm a Clemson grad, and I love the orange pea coat! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hope from Greenwood
I am a huge fan of McAuley's... Absolutely love the heavy orange sweater with the scarf, blue jeans & boots!
I am a facebook follower of McAuleys, Clemson girl, twitter & this blog.
Have a graet day! Would love to win the $100.00 gift certificate!

Anonymous said...

I'm Brandi Jansen originally from Barnwell, SC - 2002 grad from Clemson! Everything I own is orange, so I'm going to have to say the orange maxi dress with the tiger stripe belt is my favorite ... I think I might buy it even if I don't win!

I follow the Clemson girl blog via FB & I'm a fan of this orange chic boutique McAuley's!

Angela Byrd said...

Angela Byrd from Coward, SC

My favorite outfit is the orange winter coat with the purple turtleneck, jeans and boots!

I am a fan of McAuley’s Unique Boutique’s Facebook page and a follower of this blog! :)

Go Tigers!!

Pat Fisher said...

Pat Fisher- Greenville, SC

My two daughters go to Clemson. We all love the orange pea coat!

Kelly said...

Absolutely loving those outfits, unfortunately I don't facebook. With trying to graduate in December and this one class taking up way too much of my time, I just don't have time to get into it. Oh well better luck next time. Good luck to all who enter, hope to see you sportin some new duds at the game Saturday :D

Mary said...

I love the purple coat - I could use it to compliment work outfits through the winter...well, as long as Savannah's winter lasts! I also really like the outfit that showcases the tiger-striped scarf! Pair that with some nice slacks instead of jeans and I could wear that to work, too! Do you see a trend here? I always think of what I can wear to work, lol!

Lori Williams said...

Favorite? I'm not sure I can choose a favorite! I love all the looks. For this week's game, I would choose the orange turtleneck with the purple double breasted coat! What a elegant & timeless look!

I look forward to all the updates & blogs! I'm also a fan of McAuley's FB page. Great stuff! Keep up the good work!

A Southern Miss said...

Ally Henthorne - Greenville, SC and a Junior at Clemson University

I think all the outfits are so cute but I think my favorite is the purple dress, tiger belt, with brown boots. I also love the purple coat!

I am a fan of McAuley's on Facebook, a follower of Clemson Girl's blog, and a fan on Twitter!!

Rett Crocker said...

Rett Crocker- Clemson, SC

My girlfriend's favorite outfit is the orange dress with the brown turtle neck underneath!

I also follow this blog.

Chris Berg said...

Chris Berg- Clemson, SC

My sister wore boots simliar to the ones in your pictures and I loved them on her.

Unknown said...

I love the orange coat!

Stacey said...

I love the purple and orange pea coat!! But then again I have not seen anything online or in the store that I didnt love!!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy Burgess ~ Lexington , SC ~1994 Graduate of Clemson

I love the purple shirt with the brown belt. I have to have those knee high brown boots!

Nikki said...

I love the orange dress, printed scarf, and brown boots!!! Awesome look!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the dresses alot!!!!

Denie said...

Denie Crowder--Spartanburg, SC

I love the orange pea coat!

I'm also a fan of McAuley's Boutique on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Lynde from Elkton, Maryland ...

Even in the north that orange winter jacket would make a statement! I love it!

Christie said...

LUV luv luv the 1st outfit! Jeans, orange tneck and purple coat! Fun, simple and classy! Definitely my FAV!!! Go Tigers! No rain, no rain, no rain ;0)

Christie said...

Definitely the 1st outfit! Jeans, orange tneck and purple coat!!! Fun. simple, classy! LUV it! Go Tigers!!!
No rain, no rain, no rain ;0)

Neelys5 said...

Sheri from Columbia, SC - Clemson grad '82, husband's a grad, son's a grad, and now 2 daughters there ... yea, definitely a fan!! Also a McAuley's fan - keep up with you on facebook. Since I'm an all orange person, I LOVE the orange coat. In fact, would absolutely love to have it for the game tomorrow so I can be all orange. :)

Anonymous said...

Cindy Brookey - Greenville, SC

I love the Orange Peacoat, the orange sweater, brown turtleneck, tiger belt, and jeans--I love it all!!!!!

I am a huge fan of McAuley's - I follow you on FB.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Kelley from Charleston.

My favorite outfit is the brown tiger striped scarf with orange shrug and jeans.

I am a fan of McCauley's on FB and a follower of this blog. I am so thankful for Clemson Girl and all of the great businesses you feature. It saves me alot of time. We all know finding orange clothes can be challenging at times.

If I win the gift certificate, I will wear something from McCauley's to the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!! :)

Adrianne said...

Adrianne Cook, Arlington VA by way of Clemson, SC, graduated CU in 2001-- I love the purple dress-- I can actually get away with wearing that to work in DC!!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple pea coat! Too cute.

Jack son said...

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