September 9, 2009

Quick Poll: Would you wear this purple halter top to a Clemson football game?

So I found this adorable purple halter dress on, on sale for only $29.99. The buttons on this dress are really white, but I edited the photo and made the buttons orange. The site says the buttons are "Nonfunctional", which just means they are sewed on for decoration. It would be easy to remove the white buttons and replace with big orange buttons that you can find at any fabric store. Then pair the dress with orange jewelry and orange flip flops for a complete Clemson gameday outfit, right? You could even go a step further and get the outline of an orange Tiger Paw monogrammed on the bottom hem of the dress!

So, would you wear this dress? Would you alter it and add the orange buttons?

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Unknown said...

I wonder if you could find some sort of tiger paw applicays to stick ON the white buttons so that it appears the buttons are actually tigerpaw shaped...very cute idea!

kiko said...

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