August 24, 2009

Herff Jones: Clemson Class Ring Repairs

Erin Mercer (Cottrill), a 2002 Special Ed major Clemson alum, sent me an e-mail and wanted to share her story about how she easily had her Clemson Ring repaired by Herff Jones in Greenville:
"I wanted to tell you about my class ring. More than 3/4 of the black stone had chipped away and fallen out of my Clemson class ring. It has been in disrepair for over two years, and I knew that Herff Jones could repair it, but I kept putting it off. Well, I finally located the Herff Jones office in Greenville a few weeks ago, and it took me 5 minutes to fill out a form and drop it off. I just received it from Herff Jones today via UPS. It looks like brand new! Not only did they fix the stone, but they polished it up and even re-engraved my maiden name inside :-) And the best part? It was free! I am so happy to have it shiny and ready to go for football season!
I just wanted to share this with you because I suspect there are lots of Clemson Girls out there who might need to have their rings repaired. I want everyone to know how easy it was!"
She even included a picture of her newly repaired ring for us to see:

Thanks Erin for sharing your experience so other Clemson Girls know how to get their rings fixed up. I'm sure mine could use some TLC - I wear it every day.

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No one important said...

I'm glad to hear you had such a good experience. Too bad you had to go to Greenville to do it! I sent my ring for re-sizing (for free) but when I got it back, it didn't look right. The stone isn't even with the edging. I need to send it back, but the process is so discouraging...

carolineb said...

Thanks for the tip Erin!

Margaret said...

I think Herff Jones is great too! They have even replaced my ring completely and engraved my name again and everything...for free!!
I hate to say it, but the black onyx has chipped off my ring no less than 5 times. I keep sending it back, and they keep fixing it...but it sure would be nice to have a ring where the PAPER thin onyx was actually a stone and wouldn't chip away!

Cathy said...

Good morning. My name is Cathy and I am a Customer Service/Account Manager for Herff Jones. One of my primary functions is the service of Clemson University ring customers. The majority of Clemson University rings that come in for repairs, whether they are to be resized or something else, come through me.

I was reading your blog and wanted to thank you for posting the kind comments on behalf of Erin Mercer (Cottrill). I am very pleased to hear that she along with others are pleased with our service and that she can again wear her Clemson ring with pride.

I would also like to ask for the young lady who was displeased with the condition of her ring after it was received back from Herff Jones to contact me. I will gladly do anything I can to assist with getting her ring repaired. I can be reached by calling (877) 454-7231.

Herff Jones has been the provider of Clemson University class rings for many years and we understand the tradition and pride that comes with having a Clemson University ring. I want her to be able to wear her ring with the same pleasure as other Clemson University graduates.

Thank you and have a nice day. Go Tigers!

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