July 24, 2009

Turn an ordinary dress into a Clemson game day original

It's not always easy to find orange or purple dresses to wear on game days - especially in the right shade of orange or purple. And when you buy a dress from a chain store, like Victoria Secret or Target, you always run the risk of seeing about 20 other Clemson Girls wearing the same dress on the same game day.

So why not create your own original Clemson dress? It's easy to do and affordable. Purchase a basic orange, purple, or white dress - something plain and simple in style with little to no ruffles, flounces, etc.

Here's an example of a simple white dress from Kohl's (huge sale this weekend by the way):

Now make this dress a Clemson original - there are many different options, but I think this dress would be cute with some tiger paws monogrammed along the bottom - all the way around the hem or just in the front. Monogramming prices vary based on the stores you take it to, but most stores in South Carolina who monogram will monogram Clemson tiger paws.

A cheaper, DIY (do it yourself) option is to buy some orange fabric paint - create a stencil using a printed out Clemson tiger paw - trace it on a thick piece of cardboard - cut out the tiger paw. Then paint using the stencil onto the dress - might look a little more obvious that it wasn't originally part of the dress as say the monogram would - but doable nonetheless.

Next, add a bit more detail by purchasing a thick orange ribbon (Walmart, Michaels, etc.) and tying it around the wait as an accent.

Simple steps and you now have your very own original Clemson dress design:

Obviously created in PhotoShop, but you get the idea!

Then pair the dress with a cute orange necklace, like this one from Target for only $16.99:

What do you think? Have you ever made your own game day outfit? If so, please share pictures with us - email me at clemsongirlblog@gmail.com.

Would you wear the Clemson made over dress above?

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Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Great Idea!! Love your blog and Clemson! I design children's clothing...if you are ever interested in clemson's children's wear:)

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